Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kung Fu, Clyde the Incredible Death Defying Turtle, and the Circus

side note.... the post below is from an UNINVITED guest blogger.  You see, when we got home tonight and I opened up Joon (my lovely laptop!) I discovered that my dear husband had left his Myspace open for all to see!  

It was my golden ticket....

for this comment, on MY page, under HIS name-

"Hi honey!  I just love you so much, you are the best ever!  You are like kittens and rainbows and all the other things I love so much but can't ever tell the guys about!  Lets bake cupcakes tonight and watch Gossip Girls!  I love you soooooo much!  I would be nothing without you!"

It was genius!  However, the username and password to my blog access is not, hence the "guest"
post below...

Friday morning at breakfast time, Oliver discovered a picture of a Kung Fu Panda bandana on the box of his cereal.  He immediately asked for one, so Cory gobbled up this moment that he has been looking forward to for 2 years now- we are shooting for a Willie Nelson resemblance-


Second side note- Nealy is home from NY for a few weeks to visit before the start of her next jam packed academic year.  Tomas went to show her the turtles we "acquired" a few months back.  Lo and behold, there is not two, but merely one, lonely turtle.  

The other night we caught Oliver, apparently in dire cravings for turtle soup, attempting to climb in (yes, really in) the turtle tank.  We shoo'd him away, and continued forth with our daily amazing awesomeness.  Hence, the missing turtle, Bonnie's own dear husband, Clyde.

We found him, hiding under the teal bench in our dining room. He was miraculously alive!  

Those crazy criminals!  

I wonder if Bonnie and Clyde were alive today, would they hack into Myspace accounts instead of rob banks?  And would they do it in a bandana?

My Husband is better than yours

This is a personal post today ladies. I just had a loooong day with my husband and his mother and sister and our kids at the circus. All i can say is I married a man with the patience of a Saint. I don't know why but today just made me @!#*&$% crazy and my husband was there to make it all better. He cared for the kids when they acted up, dealt with his mother when she acted up and then dealt with me when I acted up all the while with a Cool Hand Luke smile on his face. I have to admit I was a little bit much today and will definitely be thanking him tonight. Not like that, I mean in the bedroom hahaha! But seriously there's like  thousand more things I could say but for now that'll be it. 

Goodnight girls!