Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nose Candy on Easter

Sooooooo, here we are.  Let's see....

Last week we had Passover!  Lots of eating!

Then we had Cory's Trailer Park Birthday Party.  Lots of fun, and also lots of eating!

Then we had Easter- Lots of eating, tons of people, and a trip to Urgent Care because Oliver shoved Reeses Pieces up his nose.  Too far up his nose.  Right after the (brand new) garbage disposal went out on us.

But really, I could care less because my mom came to visit. 

 She brought a thousand course meal, complete with 500 different dessert 

options.  I did not need to do anything!  It was amazing.  I was so burnt out from Passover and Cory's party, and a gazillion papers due before the week was out, so she did everything.  I just sat around and ate and gazed lovingly at my mother.  Till she told me that I was HUGE and my hair looked dingy.

Just kidding.

But not.

Best highlight ever from the past two weeks that I have been M.I.A?

THE WASHING MACHINE CAME ON MONDAY!  I cannot even tell you how dang excited I am to no longer have to wash our clothes in the bath tub.  Because do you know how much work that is?!  Washing them all- BY HAND- rinsing them all- BY HAND- and then wringing them all out- BY HAND- and then they are still so wet that I need to put them in the dryer twice each time, at least.  I swear- I would have been pissed all the time if I lived like on the wild Frontier or something.  AND HOW!

Speaking of Frontier women- something else happened this week, too.


Big as a bread box.

So now that we are all caught up, I have leftover pie to eat.