Thursday, August 20, 2009


I meant to post this yesterday, for WW, but I forgot.  So here you have it.  For TT- Thinking Thursday?  I don't know....for all of you that have been thinking of me?


Me and the bean at 40 weeks.  Which means I am done with this pregnancy.  So.  WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU ELLIOTT?!

But seriously, thanks to everyone that has been emailing, twittering, FBing me and everything.  I know I joke about how annoying it is to constantly be asked if I have popped yet, just to sob and say no, but really- I love you guys and appreciate it.

Soon, super soon.

Meanwhile, if you want to follow me on Twitter, and follow the big event you can find me here.

Thanks guys-

J. Danger

Monday, August 10, 2009


Waiting- noun- a period of waiting; pause, interval or delay.
Adjective- serving or being in attendance
Idiom- In waiting, in attendance, as upon a royal personage

So, if this kid comes out a damn king, then this will all make sense.  Because that's all we are all doing around here.  Waiting on him!

Anyone that has kids knows how this goes.  Every single time I make a phone call I am greeted with, "are you in labor?!"  Swear to god, even the Terminix man.

And heaven forbid I make a phone call and NOT leave a message.  Then it is the child birth apocalypse!

And everyone is giving me the dates that work well for them if I go into labor.  Mom has inventory, mother in law has jam packed work weeks, husband has all kinds of important stuff.

You know when is good for me?


But I did it.  I ate my way OUT of a C-Section.  Which means that I get to birth my bebah naturally again.  Which I am super stoked on.  So when he gets here, he gets here.

Just, please....please little bebah bean, come before the 27th.  Mama's got class!

And I swear to god, if you wait until the ONLY day that I cannot possible have you, then I will be pissed!  And that will just set the tone for the rest of our relationship. And if you come out making your middle brother look like HE is eager to please, well sir....I will have words for you-  Your Highness.

J.Your Mama Danger