Monday, May 27, 2013

Eric Smith of Quirk Books sent me yet another fantastic book to review. And I do mean fantastic, as in fantastical. Quirk is quickly becoming one of my top tiered publishing houses. You should check them out. The Resurrectionist, by E.B. Hudspath immediately reminds me of Neil Gaiman. OK, maybe a mixture of Poe and Gaiman, which is a great thing. Everything from the wording to the layout stand out as strikingly different, in a good way. The Resurrectionist packs a punch, as it is actually two stories wrapped together in one book, complete with detailed illustrations. You get hell hounds, dragons, centaurs, and even sirens. But you also get the story of Dr. Spencer Black, spurned on by his grave digging fathers life lessons,  gives Dr. Frankenstein a run for his money, to be sure.

You can check out the book here at Quirk Books and you can get it here. Also, check out the authors webpage here.
In the meantime, here is a trailer (I love trailers!):