Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear Sinus Infection-

Here's the thing.  I understand how awesome and cozy my head must obviously be, seeing as how this is your third stay at Hotel Jessica in only two months.  So obviously, I must be totally awesome.  But you know what- I am taking my pineapple back my friend.  You are not welcome here!  This is the worst weekend ever for you to come and cozy on up in all my canals- because I have a TON of work, I am teaching tomorrow, and am home alone TILL MONDAY with los Boyos, and frankly- I just don't like you.  You are gross.  You stink.  You leave a mess everywhere.  And you make me look like a mongoloid.  Not that I have anything against mongoloids, cuz I totally don't, but still....come on! 

Pack your bags sir- and get the hell out!

Thank you so kindly,
J. Danger