Sunday, January 18, 2009


I have been at the doctors for this pregnancy 5,397,871 times.  It is, by far, the hardest one yet for me.  And that says a lot.  But at my last appointment, nothing was said about my weight. NOTHING.  So I thought- sweet.  Homegirl thinks I'm good to go.


When I got home and read the visit summary, under my diagnoses there were two things written.  One of those things was OVERWEIGHT.

Really?  Why do they have to effing capitalize it?!  I mean COME ON.

I get really big when I am pregnant.  REALLY BIG.  I birth very large children.  VERY LARGE.  I also continually repeat myself for emphasis.  FOR EMPHASIS.

So I am not that worried about it.  I always lose the weight after the baby, and so who really cares anyway.  As long as I watch what I eat, control my blood sugar, husband doesn't leave his big fat wife, and this baby is in the clear, than I am good.

In the meantime though- did you know that it is Meyer lemon season?!  You know what that means?  Meyer Lemon Custard Tarts.  They are everywhere!

Except in my mouth.

And that my friends, is a problem.

(The ever Expanding) J.Danger