Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm so emo, I could join his team

So, there is a drawback to having a substantial gap in age between your children.

I am about to give birth to an infant, while parenting a three year old, and (trying to) raise a pre-teen.


I am not prepared for this.  I do not know what to do.  He has become a totally different person overnight.

Half of me wants to just ignore him, I am not even going to lie.  I mean this kid is rough!  Mean. Crabby, hormonal, pissy, and SMELLY.

But the other half of me?  Misses my baby.

Where has he gone?!  I never see him anymore, unless he needs food, money, or a ride.  When he is home and in the family room, it is to snap at someone, or pick a fight with whoever is in arms reach.  He gets phone calls all day long, and so many friends stopping by that when I get sick of it, I make it look like no one is home and ignore the doorbell.  Which, oh my GAWD, it is too hot right now to close up all the shutters!

His face is breaking out.

His armpits REEK.

He worries about what he is wearing.

He notices GIRLS, and then points them out to me.

When did this happen?!  In any given day, even just a thirty minute span, I careen from potty mess clean ups to hormonal outbreaks over not having Ramen noodles!  And I am the hormonal pregnant one in these parts folks!

But now, I miss the baby stage.  I miss when he toddled behind me asking "Why why why".  I miss when he used to get excited about visiting me at work for ice cream sundaes.  Or when he loved being the only kindergartner sitting in on my college classes.  Now he won't even be seen with me in public!

So my solution?  I am still not sure.  I go back and forth between hiding from my children to read Twilight and play Bubble Blaster, and crying to my husband about (damn near anything) having more children A.S.A.P.

It is a double edged sword folks, and I am getting both sides.


No one will read this anyway, thanks to YOU BlogHer.

Yesterday Cory and I went to a wedding.  It was the older brother of a family friend of Cory's.  Read= we have no idea why we were invited!  But thank god they did because we really had a great time out.  The bride did it all herself, at the Botanical Gardens, at sunset, gorgeous!  And- there was Mexican food.  REAL Mexican food.  Fish taco bar? Check.  Carnitas? Check.  Real home made guacamole? Check.  And there was an open bar, all night.  Woooooo  I was raging on the diet coke.

Best part ever?  

Cory and I got to stay for cake, which lets be real here, is the only reason anyone goes to weddings anyways.  We never get to stay for cake, we always have to leave before cake, for the kiddddddds, but not last night.  So, to make up for all that lost cake, I had two!  Holla!

Down side?  BUG HEAVEN.  Oy Vey.  And, I looked freaking adorable in all my 9 month pregnant glory, until you got to my feet.  But thank YOU, Old Navy, for making flip flops in every color for only a buck.

Oh ya, and the crazy lady that sat next to us for the entire reception.  

She was following us around, talking the whole time, about our tats and our colors and how adorable we are.  Then we had to fix her chair, she somehow developed a nick name for one of us in all of 3.49 seconds that stuck ALLLLL NIGHT LONG, and....she had crazy eyes.

Oh, you know crazy eyes.

But then- all of a sudden, it comes out.  She is a teacher.  Teaching the same EXACT subject that I want to be teaching, in the ONLY district that is actually hiring right now, AND she is a consultant and advocate in the district.

So, turns out- crazy lady is my new BFF, and I spent the rest of the night clinging to her every word.  Turns out, she freaking LOVES me, and (after two, then three, STRONG drinks) she was pretty rad.

So, me and my new BFF have exchanged ALL of our contact info, and we have a K-I-T date set.

Score one for me crazy cat lady! (I don't know if she actually has cats, but it adds to the illusion)

Today, I am paying the price for all those fish tacos, endless diet cokes, and delicious cake. Quietly, at home, with only the wee one, dreaming of all the cats we all know I will own in a few decades.  And all the old newspapers stacked in corners, with expired coupons just waiting to be spent.  Lets be real here folks, there was a reason we hit it off right quick, crazy cat lady and I.