Monday, May 4, 2009

Taking it easy for all you sinners out there...

Warning- I am taking a cue from my friend  Nicole, and spouting off some bragging rights.  So if you are not interested in hearing about how awesome I am, or in anything pertaining to me and school, this would be a good time to go feign interest in someone else's blog.

Still reading?  You've been warned, so I don't want to hear it.

Ok.  I am pretty pleased this semester folks.  One class is iffy- it all weighs on my final- but assuming that it goes well, I am only weeks away from a 4.0.

That's right, STRAIGHT MOTHER EFFING A's bitches!

I am so excited, I cannot wait to wrap this semester up.  I still have three (ish) weeks to go, which I am sure will be absolutely pleasant and breezy (yeah right!) but then I am done for now.  After this, I have only two more teensie weensie classes left.  I come back for those in August.  Yes, August.  Roughly five days after Elliot is due.  Fun Fun Fun!

Fortunately, Cory, my mom, and the entire department here at school has rallied around me on this one.  Two of my professors have independently written in for me to receive the department scholarship for next semester.  And assuming that my grades roll in like I expect them too this semester, then my private scholarship will also be renewed next semester.  Then I wait for Honors grants from the University, which should be finalized in June.

I also got asked to work with one of the professors here over the summer.  She has a book coming out in January and she has asked me to continue working on it with her, which is (lining our pockets and giving me publishing credit and spiffy lines on my C.V) terribly exciting!

I also am getting really excited about Grad school!  My GPA is on track, my C.V. is lining up nicely, and my GRE's are (so far) on par.  I can see it in the horizon.  But that is another story makes my heart race a little to think about it.

So - that's that.  I am really excited.  It is such a nice feeling to know that not only am I finally finishing (TEN YEARS LATER- LITERALLY) but that I am finishing remarkably well.  I have worked so long and so hard on this, I almost can't believe that this stage is almost done.  It is also exciting to see Tomas so excited.  I promised myself a long time ago that if I started this, I was damn sure going to finish it; if not for myself than at least for him because my kids are watching and Cory and I are their first and foremost examples.  I want them to see me finish.  So I will.

Plus, Cory and my mom and so many people have poured so much into this for me, and so many members of the faculty have put themselves on the line for me- I would be doing them a disservice if I did not finish this.

So I will.

And I will finish well.

Oh!  And guess what-  we are officially in the third (and LAST) trimester!  We are getting ready to welcome the new little one in only a few months.  And by getting ready, I mean talking about doing things to get ready, and then not doing them.  Oh, and mentally preparing ourselves for the house to instantly feel smaller, stinkier, messier, and generally more full of boyish-ness.  You know that feeling, moms.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Almost as though Karma is trying to warm me up for having count em 1-2-3 boys, my coffee pot broke.  So this morning resulted in three different ways of me attempting to make coffee somehow, none of which succeeded.

This is going to be totally sweet.