Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A few things in summation

1.  Yesterday my washer burned up.  It is practically BRAND NEW!  This makes me angry because I really like having a washing machine, and I would hate to think that it went on the fritz because it felt overwhelmed and taken advantage of.  Washing machine- I love you.  Come back to me- please!

2.  Do you know how hard it is to NOT have a washing machine when you a two year that is potty training (read: pee and/or poop ALL THE TIME) and a pre-teen that constantly gets bloody noses (read: roughly 5 minutes after the washer died, allllllll over his pillow that I now CANNOT WASH!).

3.  Tomas had an asthma attack yesterday at school.  Any parent knows how much these phone calls SUCK, no matter how calm, cool, and in control you may appear.  Then, to further exasperate the situation I needed to take my laundry to the MIL's to rewash and then dry after the washer fiasco.  So I took my son right back to the scene of the asthma crime, with her beloved darling Chow Chow Emma Baby, whom we love, but has now been sentenced to the cold, hard  outside world.

4.  Yesterday I freakishly cut the bottom of my foot open on a yucky old furniture nail from our (super awesome and RAD) vintage Gold ottoman.  Almost two hours later on hold with the after hours nurse, I need to miraculously find time today to get a shot in my (ever increasing) ass.

5.  I am missing Tom's walk through the American Revolution performance today at school and I am sad that Cory is not going and no one will be there to clap for him when he is done.  I feel like a bad parent today.

6.  I am so unbelievably overwhelmed with school right now that I spend more time kicking myself in the ass and mentally berating myself than I do homework, because I can't even function properly at the moment.  Read- I am an idiot.

7.  I just want someone, ANYONE, to please commit to and FINISH the illustration for my book.  I am ready to be done with it!

8.  I am tired- and Oliver keeps missing the memo that mommy is pregnant, and tired, tired, tired, and it is NOT productive to keep waking her up every two hours EVERY GOD DAMN night.

Thats all I got for now.  I don't think that I should keep going as crying like a baby at school would probably be unprofessional, seeing as how I need to be in front of my class in an hour!


Oh wait!  This one is good- over the weekend Cory was at an art show and up on display was our good friends sketch book.  His name is Lindsey Carmichael and he is an amazing artist.  His sketchbook is on roses, and one of the tattoos he has done for me is on display in the exhibit.I am up on display!  Pretty sweet!