Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The gig is up...

Someone emailed me yesterday asking me why in the world are all of the blogs on my blog roll about reading and cooking?

Well, I couldn't possibly have a life outside of my kids and husband right?!

Wrong. The gig, my friends, is up.

All of the blogs listed on my blog roll are about reading and cooking because my friends, my dear readers (all 4 or so of you) I am.......

a total nerd.

And you know what? That is perfectly fine in my book!

So here is the truth, plain and straight-

The name is Jessica. I have two kids and a dear husband, all three of which I adore. I am, first and foremost, a wife and mother. But after that....

I read. More than any person should ever read. (Is that possible?! What am I saying here?)

I cook, a lot. I just recently refined the art of NOT burning everything that enters my oven, so I am kind of on a roll here folks. Feel free to cheer me on accordingly.

I had our oldest son in high school, and I while I don't recommend it (DON'T DO IT) I also wouldn't have it any other way.

Because I had our oldest son in high school, it has taken me nearly ten years to get my B.A in English, with an emphasis on Literature. But I am almost done, and have a graduation date set.
I am already looking at Grad school and my prospects are looking good.

I am working om my senior thesis/Grad school writing sample. In a nutshell it it based on Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea with a focus on the importance placed on a woman's inheritance and also Feminist Theory and Postcolonial Theory. Thats enough for now, but I am so excited about it. If you want to hear more about it you can email me. I have no problem talking about it! (p.s. FOR HOURS!)

I am so cool that I am usually in bed by ten p.m., although I am trying so hard to change that because I need those hours for studying. I just can't help myself! I love sleeping. Actually, I just love my bed. I could (and try to) be in bed all day. Not even really just sleeping, thats where I work a lot too. It's a nice bed...

I am the clutziest person ever, despite the fact that, or maybe because of, I have gigantic feet! I have lost track of how many times I have fallen down our stairs.

I LOVE Scrabble. And Mah Jong.

I will read just about anything. Just about...

I cry during movies. And I have to have popcorn at the theatre.

I have a penchant for cardigans.

I am often mistaken for a librarian, but that secretly makes me happy. (if its a HOT librarian!)

I just learned how to play Gin Rummy.

I have a hard time reading more than one book at a time.

I have the worse case of Stayhomeitis ever.

I am weird about germs, public restrooms, restaurants that don't have good lighting (what are they hiding?) and being in large loud crowds.

I love listening to all kinds of music. But I am terrible at remembering music information. Like band names, song names, album names. Thats what I married my husband for- he's like a walking music encyclopedia.

I love art, particularly sketch, graphic and street art.

I am heavily tattooed, much to my mother's dismay, which always throws people for a loop. (before it was trendy jerks) People usually assume that I am a. stupid, b. a hoodlum, c. a horrible parent. I am none of those things. Or am I????

I have walked into poles while reading, driven into a pole while daydreaming, and one time I even tripped over a pole. Still not sure how, but I did it.

So there you have it folks. I am not as cool as I try to portray.

I cook and read. That is why I have a blogroll full of cooking and reading blogs.

My kids think I am cool, but I only got like two more years outta that one with Tomas before I am totally uncool.


I have a ton of new stuff coming up with This Dangerous Life! I have got some great guest posts lined up that are just way cooler than I could ever pretend to be...and...wait for it.......


Yep, nothing is better than free stuff! Free is way better than cheap.

So stay tuned...

and lets just pretend that you still think I am super cool.