Sunday, October 26, 2008

Los Boyos visit the Fire Station

A few weekends ago our local fire station held an open house. The boys got to go climb all over the trucks, push buttons in the trucks, see the sleeping quarters, wear fire suits, it was great fun.

Oliver in the fire suit- so disastrous.

He was so tiny in that thing. The poor fire fighter said "Just don't touch any buttons". Really?! Good luck with that pal.

Oh brother! Look out town!

Tomas in the get-up. So heavy! Oh, and the hubby and some strange woman in the background. Personally, I think Cory is way cuter.


It's Halloween Time!

Today we took Los Boyos over to the Pumpkin City Pumpkin Patch to grab their soon to be Jack O' Lanterns. Fun was had by all on yet another successful Danger Family Funday.

Tomas in the Tea Cup Squashers. Intense.

SUCH an improvement from last years Pony ride disaster.

Tomas and his stallion o' Halloween spirit.

Oliver? Are you in there? It's all a blur of orange....

I swear, it was funny while taking the picture. But now?

Oliver and his cherry red stud mobile. Oh yes.

But, at the end of the day, despite all their efforts, they still left together.