Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Flawless; Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History
By Scott Andrew Selby and Greg Campbell

My literary companion, Iris Blasi, over at Sterling Publishers (HERE!) sent me an ARC copy of this little gem a few weeks ago. A true story- based on a man named Leonardo Notarbartolo (go ahead, say it out loud. It is SO MUCH FUN!) who planned and executed the largest diamond heist in history. He makes it sound so easy, it has led me to believe that perhaps I am traveling down the wrong career path. I kid, I kid....

Here's what others are saying about this diamond in the rough-

"Part whodunit, part mob tell-all, part diamond underworld reportage, FLAWLESS is simply too good to miss.”—Ulrich Boser, THE GARDNER HEIST

FLAWLESS "take[s] the genre of true crime to a new level."-- Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi, co-authors of THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE

"Handle with discretion—you might be up all night reading.”—Tom Zoellner, author of THE HEARTLESS STONE and URANIUM

My oldest son, who is 11, asked me this morning if I had finished the book. I told him I had, and he asked to borrow it! This amazes me. However, it also makes me wonder- should I be letting him read this book?


You can polish up your goods over on the FLAWLESS Facebook page (I can keep going with the diamond puns, I got allllll night). Or, read about it here, or here, and then buy it here.