Wednesday, January 14, 2009

coming up for air


This past week has been busy.  And by busy I mostly mean me trying to sleep at every waking moment.  I am just so tired.  All of the time.  And I don't mean tired like, "Oh I am tired" I mean tired like falling asleep while driving tired, and looking like a drug addict in front of the school while waiting for dismissal. 

"Who's that woman passed out over there?"

"Oh the drooly one?"

"Yeah, did she overdose or something?!"

"Oh no, that's just Tommy's mom.  She does that all the time."

What the heck folks.  What the heck.

I checked in with my ole pal Google reader and found....327 posts!

Whoa guys.  Didn't you get the memo?  When I break, YOU break!  Right?  Otherwise I just fall behind.  You know, like in everything.  

Which is what happened!

And I blame YOU!

Getting fatter by the minute- J.Danger