Thursday, June 19, 2008

What in the world is a mother to do....

Son Number Two is well, two. About a month ago the Husband and I put him in a Big Boy Bed. He was more than ready for it- he was able to climb out of his crib on the lowest setting. Number Two loved his Big Boy Bed! It took the normal three or four nights to get acquainted with it, but after that he was in toddler heaven.

Until now....

Now he refuses to stay in bed! Husband and I have a routine for him for bedtime, and a set bedtime. He gets a bath, some cuddle time, a book, some rocking in his fav-o chair, and then bed. With the radio on for white noise- remember the older brother?- and his ceiling fan on to keep him nice and cool. He has his Elmo and his blankie and all is well in the world.
(Totally NOT Number Two- thats because this baby is sleeping!)

For about 5 minutes. IF we're lucky. Now it takes the husband and I hours to get him to bed. Every single time we put him right back in. We're not messing around here. Many a times I have just parked it right there in the hallway to put him right back in to bed. And we do just that, put him right back in, no toys, no games, no giggling. BACK TO BED.

Eventually he falls asleep, only to awaken a few hours later, at which point we start all over again. And sure enough, every morning he is up and at em between 5 and 5:30. I don't particularly mind him getting up that early, as I am an early riser (USUALLY) but I need to get ready for work during this time, not continually put a tired toddler back in to bed over. and over. and over. Sometimes I will give him a sippy of milk, and sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. Other times he just cruises around the house tip toeing and sneaky, or he will turn the radio on, or sneak into his brothers room. Or check on the turtles that he adores. Or walk smack dab into a corner wall, which he did this morning. Its dangerous. Its endless. It needs to end. (Totally NOT Number Two either- but this is closer!)

This has been going on now for weeks. I am tired of sleeping in the hallway, sitting up against the wall. And the husband and I are getting a wee bit cranky.

We don't know what else to do! So I need your help moms.

What's your magic secret? (I won't tell anyone, cross my sleep deprived heart)
What worked for your toddler? Your neighbor's toddler?
What do I need to do?
Hellllllp me pleeeeeease!
Comment comment comment....

****UPDATE! Thanks for all the suggestion moms! Keep them coming! Last night number two only got up once, AND he stayed in bed until 5 after 6! *** We're getting there!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ch-ch-check it out!

Awesome new website!

They are the raddest! They can make just about anything electronic that you own look even better than it already does on you!

You can Ding your laptop, cell phone, Wii or whatever the kids have now-a-days...
Like this-

or this maybe...

or perhaps this?

Either way-

your level of coolness will immediately rise to new levels!

And all the cool kids will wanna be just like YOU.

Darn those cool kids....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So yesterday was tons of fun...

Yesterday our youngest son went in for his two year old well baby check up. He was overdue, so I was guilt stricken from the get go. I had no one to pick our oldest son up from school, so I took half the day off of work (awwww, I know...feel sorry for me) so that I could pick him up early from class- he was stoked!- and then nab our sleeping two year old from his cozy little cot at daycare. At which point he woke up; wet, hungry, confused, and wanting nothing but a juice bag- the juice bag that I had not remembered to pack for him.

We get to the doctor, and as we are paying the receptionist (wait! Aren't these things free?) son number one sits down in the waiting room, apparently in THE ONLY chair that will suffice for son number two. Son number two starts screaming at son number one, who instantly thinks he's in trouble so he yells, "I didn't do anything mom!". After dropping my wallet on the floor, I get both boys situated, one on the other's lap- you can do the guesswork- and hide my reddening face of shame from the other "good moms".

Do you know what I really hate about pediatrician's offices? This is what I really hate about pediatrician's offices. Why, oh why, do they take you out of the child friendly waiting room within the first five minutes, only to put you and your children into a cold, hard, sterile examination room that IS NOT CHILD FRIENDLY, and then leave you there to entertain your seriously irritated child for over an hour?! I don't get it. Why not just leave them in the first waiting room- you know the germy one with all the other little punks?! You know- THE ONES THEY CAN PLAY WITH?!

Eventually the doctor comes in. I immediately remind myself why we need to get a new pediatrician, and then immediately scold myself for not already doing just that, and then proceed to run my interior monologue of criticism. So much so that I have not heard the pediatrician's question and look up at her and- ever the intelligent woman that I am - ask, "huh?". At which point, my ever the helper older son number one decides to do just that-help. So he holds son number two around the waist while the soon to be changed to a new pediatrician Dr examines him. And of course- what else would happen but this- son number one is holding son number two. Number two gets a wee bit peeved and decides he is ready to get on out of here after waiting in this horrible room for over an hour- so he kicks. He kicks, hard, like a donkey, kicks helper son number one in the face! Smack in the face. At which point poor little number one grabs his glasses, and makes a delightful noise of udder shame and injury. Which apparently is hysterical, because number two- still on the exam table- NAKED (foreshadowing anyone?)- begins to giggle at son number one. So much so that he pees- all over, well EVERYTHING.

The doctor left. Immediately. Maybe she will get rid of us first.