Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am almost afraid to say it....

The Danger family is done with our holiday shopping!

WHAT?!  I know, right?

It feel pretty sweet, I must say.  We are making most of our gifts, which are just about done.  Today we finished off what needed to be bought.  Well, at least as gifts.  We still need wrapping paper, and stocking stuffers, damn it!  I knew I shouldn't have said it!

The other day I was emailing someone about what I love least about the holidays.  My naive response was "Whats NOT to love?!  I just love the holidays and babies and old people.  And puppies and kittens!"  

Today, I wish to rephrase that answer.

What I hate most about this season is-

1.  The temps at the grocery store.  Now, I know.  I get it.  They are working, and it is only a temporary job, and I am sure that they are doing their best and hope to get kept on.  But really, when I hand you the broken lemonade and you look at me like I broke it, and then play with it for 5,934 minutes, trying to fix it, this makes me frustrated.  And, even if you did fix it- that would not replace the missing lemonade!  And p.s.- I wanted to buy TWO of them, but you didn't even ask if I wanted a new one! 

2.  The woman at Wal-Mart that raced my ten year old son to a book that he was reaching for.  Ok lady, really?!  You're charging down a ten year old...for a Wal-Mart.  Need I say more?

But you know what I love MOST about the holidays?  Well, most everything (except all that junk above!)  Now that the gifting is almost done, now comes the baking!  I have hundreds of reasons now to bake and bake and bake!  And I intend to use them!

P.s.- lest you think that I am a cold hearted holiday hater in poor spirits- see the post below.  Would cold hearted holiday haters in poor spirits give things away?!  I think not!