Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So the other night when we got home, I was gearing up for the holidays! In full force holiday mode, my dear husband surprised me by trying to sneak up some Christmas/Hanukkah lights!

Oliver was such a help for Daddy!
Yep, total help.
Tomas on the other hand, bee lined it for a friend's house- ANY friend- as soon as we got home from Florida.  He was D-O-N-E with family time.

Alas, the Danger family has officially started decorating!  The holidays are here!

On that note- I bought this book at the airport in Houston during our 5 1/2 hour layover (!).  I tried to post a picture but Blogger will not let me.  It is called "The Same Kind of Different as Me" by Ron Hall and Denver Moore.  It is the story of a homeless man and an art dealer and their unexpected relationship with one other.

Here is a blurb from their website-

"It begins outside a burning plantation hut in Louisiana... and an East Texas honky-tonk... and, without a doubt, in the heart of God. It unfolds in a
Hollywood hacienda... an upscale New York Gallery... a downtown
dumpster... a Texas ranch.
Gritty with pain and betrayal and brutality, it also shines with an
unexpected, life-changing love."

It was a great book.  Once I started, I could not put it down.  It was more preachy than I had expected, but the story line of the book made up for it.

So- in fitting with the holiday season, I am giving the book away.  Just leave me a comment telling me what kind of a good deed you are planning to do this season (mine's covered!).

I will choose in about a week, then ship in on out to you- the winner!

Good luck- and Happy Holidays!


Cue the suspense!

Well, by suspense I really mean "I came to school today totally unprepared so I can't post until this afternoon".  But for you- I can make it suspense!  Let's just keep it between us two...

Check back later this afternoon for a giveaway!