Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy holidays???

Things here at the Danger ranch have been a little hectic lately. Oliver had the flu, then Cory had a raging sinus infection last week, then Tomas had a week long asthma flare up that almost got the best of him on several occasions. Oliver is now sick again, and wants the whole house to know.

Uncle Daniel's birthday was Saturday, so we all got together and had a little birthday party for him at the MIL's (we heart Uncle Dan). That same night was the birthday party for a co-worker of Cory. He decided to have a James Bond themed party, so we all got to get dressed up all top secret spy like- it was tons of fun. Well, for us. Not so much for the rest of the group. Since we arrived late because of Dan's dinner party, Cory and I missed the limo. The limo that caught on fire, with everyone in it, then got pulled over and ticketed. Ouch. But when you are a double agent with a stocked wet bar, who really cares right?

Yesterday Cory's amazing tattoo artist line over at DiNG! was revealed, and it is totally awesome! He has been working so hard on it, and the kids and I are really proud of him. It came out great, and I am looking forward to getting my husband back once it all calms down a little bit.

Saturday we leave for sunny (and effing HOT!) Florida. We are all terribly excited! First stop is Orlando, where the kids get four days at the Nickelodeon Hotel. Then we are driving to Miami to spend Thanksgiving with Cory's 101 year old Great Aunt Lil who is freaking amazing. Plus, we get to visit my brother while we are there, which will rock because I will get to humiliate him in person, as opposed to online or over the phone. I mean, come on, he's the baby. Cory and I both have to bring a TON of work with us for the trip, but at least we get to go in the first place. And as long as the kids don't know, then I think we're good.

Oh- and I cut like a gazillion inches off of my hair. Pictures soon dearies, pictures soon.

How are all of you dear readers?