Friday, November 28, 2008

Going to Miami....Miami...Miami....

Happy (day after) Thanksgiving!  Yesterday was a great one for the Danger Fam!  We are still here in Miami with the husband's family.  We spent the day by the pool (in NOVEMBER!) and then got all dressed up for Thanksgiving Dinner.  We ate at Chef Allen's, because that is where Aunt Lil wants to eat her Thanksgiving dinner, and since she is 101 she gets whatever she wants!  Oh to be 101....The baby was very well behaved and Tomas was an absolute gem!  So all in all it was a success!  They looked so cute in their holiday outfits! I can't wait to show everyone.  

Today on the other hand was ridiculous!  Cory and I took Tomas to breakfast alone so he can have some one on one time with us and he was super excited about that.  The best part was- wait for it...... the four person bike!  Oh man it was fabulous!  There was a seat up front with a belt for the baby, and then we all had seats for one another.  We ALLLLL had to pedal together to get it to work.  It was ridiculous!  I am sure that we looked like absolute fools, but it was so much fun.  Tomas even got to drive once no one was looking which was remarkably safe you know....  Uncle Dan rented Rollerblades and held on to the back the whole time!  That was as far into the dark side that he was willing to go.  Thank God!  

Well we are off to another fancy smancy dinner at 4 in the afternoon.  Because- again- when you are 101 you get whatever you want whenever you want!  Woo-hoo old age!

To be home soon-