Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A photo finish

First off- I am soooooo sorry.  The sheer amount of photos on this post is so absurd it is unbelievable.  But my family reads this blog (even though they never COMMENT! ahem) so at the risk of having to repeat the narrative on numerous occasions, to slightly (hmmm) buzzed barbecuing second and third aunts that are all named Sister Mary Margaret something or other- here you go.  (I love you all Mary something or others!)

This is what we looked like on Thanksgiving day.  Well except me.  Much to my dismay I was NOT able to maintain my super glam face that you can see here. Darn it!

Oliver had on a new sweater.  The commercial said it would make him behave for the night.  Snatched that right up!

My brother and his wife Vaulta drove up (or was it down?) to hang out with us for a few hours.  We had breakfast with all the Nick characters, then took James to the water park for the lagoon slides- at which point a freak accidental sliming occurred.

We also went to Animal Kingdom.  This is the conservation station there. Designed by none other than our fabulous Aunt Susie!

They rested for a minute in the bird atrium.  Tom can't wait for retirement. He's a perfect fit.
Breakfast with Patrick (right before he got fresh with me!  Patrick!)

Squidward was humiliated for both of us.  Good man that one, good man.
Oliver was picked to dance in a line up (finally NOT A MUG SHOT in a line up! Phew!)

Tomas and I got to be on a game show called "Who Knows Best".  We nailed every question, but then lost with the last one because lame not so hip mom did not know Kung Fu Panda.

Oh yes.

You know it.  I mean come on now folks, they still belong to us!

Tomas was a contestant on yet a second game show.  Here he is doing his best impression of Swiper as he swipes his little masked face off.
Super wild dance off

Good thing Tom went with the BLUE Camo!

Rockin air guitar


So fun was had by all.  Unfortunately all of the pool shots were lost.  Which is just a shame because you know I was absolutely the hottest one there.  You should have seen it, all the men were swooning and all the women were glaring.  I got a lot of pictures of it, they just you know, got lost.