Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

And the Random.org gods have declared that the winner of Miss Cassey Cakes Hair flower clip is- 

#4 is Paula! 

I think it is SO rad that Paula won this one, because she pulled out all the stops for my blog!  I even got her on Twitter!  SCORE!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Ready....Steady....wait, not so steady...

I feel like I tell you guys just about everything.  Which, let's face it, is pretty much the story of my life.  But what can you do, eh?

Except, there has been one thing that I have NOT told you all, Internets, that I am going to now. Because it has been confirmed. Possibly.


1.  Problem Pregnancy
2. C-Section.

There, I said it.


Don't panic, I am totally fine I assure you, and so is the wee one.  But this pregnancy has kicked my ass.  Is continuing to kick my ass; daily.

I have always been anemic, so that is nothing new, so we are dealing with that.  On top of that I have a prolapsed uterus, which worsens with each pregnancy (sorry fellas!!).  And lets just say that if this uterus of mine prolapses any further, I will pushing out a hysterectomy along with the bean.  And, the baby is breech.  OW.  Walking would be nice, it really would.  At this point, I WANT to exercise.  Anything.  I can't even get up the stairs easily anymore it hurts that bad.  It scares me to be home alone with the boys, because I can't do anything.  Oliver has duly noted this, and runs away from me at every opportunity.  I cry and waddle after him, holding my crotch.  And I am gigantic! Both the boys were large at birth to begin with- #1 was 9.8, and #2 was 10.3.  So hello?!  #3- I'm waging about 12 or 13.  

But now?  Now- gestational diabetes.  Poking myself 5,674 times a day.  Measuring and monitoring EVERYTHING that I eat, drink, or even momentarily chew.  And so far, even following all the rules, I am high all day, then way too low at dinner time.  Makes no sense.  The worse part is that my machine is registered through my doctor's office, so he automatically gets a read out of my counts- so he knows approximately 2.5 seconds later that my count was off.  Awesome.  I have two weeks to get them right, every time, every day, or I need to go back to get on Insulin.

On top of this, I found out way early in my pregnancy that I have active Group B Strep (sorry fellas!!) so I have been dealing with that the whole time too, but now that delivery is looming closer, it has become a bigger issue- particularly paired with the diabetes.

Wow.  I am so awesome.

But here is the thing.  Yesterday, we had "The Talk".  My doctor said it- C-Section.  No big deal right?  I get to plan the date and time, I get to be pretty much knocked out through it, and bingo bango I gotta' new baby.

Right, but then there is the drugs that I will have to take, the anesthesiology, then there is the fact that I will not be in control of my own labor, or my own body for that sake.  Oh, and I won't be able to hold him immediately, let alone breast feed him, or even attempt at bonding with him for roughly four hours.

This is hard for me.  I believe in natural labor and delivery, I support breast feeding, and attachment parenting.  I am a "Natural Mother" whatever the hell THAT means anymore now-a-days.  I have had both of our boys naturally.  No inductions, no pitocin, no nothing.  No epidural, I stay at home until the very last minute, I get to hold him immediately, he latches from the start, and they both room with me the whole time.  

C-section?  I lose all of this.

Don't freak out-  I am NOT attacking you if you have had, or even opted for, C-sections, or if you take as many drugs as possible to forget as much of labor as you can.  Was your baby healthy?  Did you deliver safely?  Then you did your job, successfully, and amen to that!  But this is what I have chosen for me, and my kids, and it breaks my heart that I might not be able to do that this time.  I feel like a failure.

Sometimes pregnancy effing sucks.


Monday, June 8, 2009

My raging weekend

So, how is it that large, swollen, pregnant women rage all weekend long?

Domestically of course!

For those of you that follow me like a stalker (I love you my stalkers!), you all know that I never leave the house.  I just don't- unless it is for school, or work, or mommy-ish type things, you know where to find me 99.99% of the time.  But this weekend- I let my hair down and painted the town red!

I wish that I had pictures from the whole weekend, but I left my camera on the charger twice this weekend, which also NEVER happens, of course except for this weekend.

Friday night I went to a cooking party at my neighbor's house where we made Mexican lasagna and cookies- none of which I could eat.  Buts that OK, because I went out to dinner with the fam first.  Awesome.

THEN- Saturday, one of my BFF's had her baby shower.  This is Jenn.

Say Hi Jenn.

Jenn and I are only three weeks apart.  How awesome is that?  We have known each other since the beginning of high school, I was her maid of honor, and she was in my wedding too.  And now, we are knocked up together.

And we are both having boys.  Jack belongs to her, while Elliott belongs to me.


Then I got to go have dinner with my mom.  We went to a restaurant that I worked at for YEEEEAAAAARRRRS as a waitress, and that was weird.  But whatever, my mom was there so I could have been eating snails for all I cared.  In the dirt, but with my mom.

Then Sunday, my mom drove out here to go to my cousin's baby shower.  I have no pictures from the shower, but I had so much fun.  The mom-to-be looks freaking ADORABLE and I had to restrain myself from force feeding her the whole time I was there.  She is too cute.  Best part was that my ENTIRE family was there, all the women at least, and I love it when my family gets together.  So much fun.

My mom came home with me and hung out with the boys, had dinner, I cut her hair, then she helped (made the entire thing) me with Tomas viking costume.

Cory was kind enough to watch the kids for me THE ENTIRE WEEKEND.  He is a brave soul.

Thanks honey.

So thats how we roll fool, us pregos.



Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yesterday I asked my husband to do one teeeeeeeeensie weeeeeensie little thing for me.

Please take down Oliver's old clothes, so that I can start sorting and washing them for Elliott.

Using my Jedi mind trick, it worked!  And alas, five minutes later, I watched his car drive away and I was surrounded by three large Ziploc storage bags.  Of clothes.  To sort.  AND wash.

I started sorting.....and they are just SO CUTE, and look at these little itty bitty teeny weeny socks!  And look at this adorable little smookums t shirt.  And oh!  Look! I remember this blanket, this little fuzzy wuzzy...

Then- the inevitable happened.  I found another bag.  Way up top...

Of course I had to get it.  I can't start and then only half ass it.  Pfft, I can totally get that bag down, 7 and some odd months pregnant, safely.

Then, the OTHER inevitable happened.  Once I got the bag down (which I had NO business moving) there was a big hole in the shelving unit.  I can't leave a huge gaping hole in the shelving unit!  I HAVE to reorganize the garage now!  And what if there are more baby clothes in there?!  I MUST SAVE THEM NOW.

So, the short end of it is, I spent the majority of five hours in the garage.  Lifting, tossing, sorting, sweeping, cleaning, re-sorting, a.k.a TOTALLY FREAKING THE HELL OUT.



But the baby's half of Oliver's room (it is still Oliver's room, he is NOT sharing with the teeny baby because it is HIS!!  because he is BIG!!!!!) is coming together.  The crib is up, the changing table is being (slooooowwwwwwllllllllly) assembled, and now I have laundry to wash for the masses!

Side note- Sonic burger opened up here in our town.  I have always seen those commercials, like every 2.5 seconds, and never understood the marketing behind this.  Why, oh why, would you spend prime time advertising bucks to advertise for a company that does not exist in South Orange County?!

Now I know why.

Because now that it opened here, I HAD TO HAVE IT.

This is smart on their part, because I do not eat fast food.  EVER.  Lets face it guys, that stuff is nasty, and you KNOW it is killing you and the planet, SIMULTANEOUSLY.

But this did not stop me from devouring Sonic for dinner with the kiddos and a clumsy car hop on skates that cannot count back correct change.

You know what did stop me from going back?




Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WW: K.I.T.

I thought that I missed them.  It has been so long since I have seen them.

But now?  Hello Vienna Sausages!  Ew.

The grotesquely swollen J.Danger

Don't Call Me a Crook Winner!

According to the random.org gods, the winner of Don't Call Me a Crook!  is.....


The winner is .....

Anonymous said...
How do I enter to win?

Heather to the S.

June 1, 2009 1:17 PM

That is a pretty funny entry to win with!

Congrats Heather!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Maru Maru Necklace Winner!

According to the Random.org gods, the winner is



Raging Dad said...
Ok, my daughter says that the Blue Millefiori Glass Pendant is her favorite! (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23560662)

May 31, 2009 4:18 PM

Which is even better, because today is his BIRTHDAY!!!

So at least he will have something sparkly and fabulous to wear out when he celebrates!

Congrats Raging Dad!