Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yesterday I asked my husband to do one teeeeeeeeensie weeeeeensie little thing for me.

Please take down Oliver's old clothes, so that I can start sorting and washing them for Elliott.

Using my Jedi mind trick, it worked!  And alas, five minutes later, I watched his car drive away and I was surrounded by three large Ziploc storage bags.  Of clothes.  To sort.  AND wash.

I started sorting.....and they are just SO CUTE, and look at these little itty bitty teeny weeny socks!  And look at this adorable little smookums t shirt.  And oh!  Look! I remember this blanket, this little fuzzy wuzzy...

Then- the inevitable happened.  I found another bag.  Way up top...

Of course I had to get it.  I can't start and then only half ass it.  Pfft, I can totally get that bag down, 7 and some odd months pregnant, safely.

Then, the OTHER inevitable happened.  Once I got the bag down (which I had NO business moving) there was a big hole in the shelving unit.  I can't leave a huge gaping hole in the shelving unit!  I HAVE to reorganize the garage now!  And what if there are more baby clothes in there?!  I MUST SAVE THEM NOW.

So, the short end of it is, I spent the majority of five hours in the garage.  Lifting, tossing, sorting, sweeping, cleaning, re-sorting, a.k.a TOTALLY FREAKING THE HELL OUT.



But the baby's half of Oliver's room (it is still Oliver's room, he is NOT sharing with the teeny baby because it is HIS!!  because he is BIG!!!!!) is coming together.  The crib is up, the changing table is being (slooooowwwwwwllllllllly) assembled, and now I have laundry to wash for the masses!

Side note- Sonic burger opened up here in our town.  I have always seen those commercials, like every 2.5 seconds, and never understood the marketing behind this.  Why, oh why, would you spend prime time advertising bucks to advertise for a company that does not exist in South Orange County?!

Now I know why.

Because now that it opened here, I HAD TO HAVE IT.

This is smart on their part, because I do not eat fast food.  EVER.  Lets face it guys, that stuff is nasty, and you KNOW it is killing you and the planet, SIMULTANEOUSLY.

But this did not stop me from devouring Sonic for dinner with the kiddos and a clumsy car hop on skates that cannot count back correct change.

You know what did stop me from going back?





Bookfool said...

You might want to avoid Sonic's cheddar peppers, then. Talk about heartburn.

I don't eat burgers and I think I'm off beef for good, since a friend died of mad cow and it didn't even make the news. Apparently, someone's keeping the mad cow deaths hush-hush. This concerns me greatly.

Cara said...

Did you like it?? I love the diet strawberry limeades--especially during happy hour, half off!

musicjunkie said...

I have come to find that the only fast food restaurant i do like is In-n-Out, but we don't have those here. On the rare occassion that I do break down and have fast food, I always, ALWAYS end up regretting it.

Except for pizza. Although, out here we have Papa Murphey's. They assemble the pizza for you with all of their fresh toppings and you take it home and bake it yourself. Sounds like it would be a pain in the ass, but OH-MY-GAWD! It is so YUM!

Bellini Valli said...

I wish I still had all of the sweet little outfits L'il Burnt Toast wore when she was young. We spent many an hour at the Osh Kosh B'Gosh Outket in the day:D

Anonymous said...

what the heck is a sonic?! i'm guessing it's not the little blue guy from the sega game, right?

Jen R said...

Please be careful pulling down anything. I rather like your head and would prefer you don't dent it or anything else on your body for that matter. I have always wanted to try Sonic just for the drinks but alas there isn't one within 60 miles of my house and I'm not going to drive an hour for fast food. For me it doesn't really matter what I eat, cause I ALWAYS get heartburn regardless.

Raging Dad said...

I have still never been to a Sonic. I'm not sure they are in Portland. But I like me some heartburn, so I'd better fire up Google. And watch that lifting, girl. You're gonna be popping out that fella before he's ready!