Monday, June 8, 2009

My raging weekend

So, how is it that large, swollen, pregnant women rage all weekend long?

Domestically of course!

For those of you that follow me like a stalker (I love you my stalkers!), you all know that I never leave the house.  I just don't- unless it is for school, or work, or mommy-ish type things, you know where to find me 99.99% of the time.  But this weekend- I let my hair down and painted the town red!

I wish that I had pictures from the whole weekend, but I left my camera on the charger twice this weekend, which also NEVER happens, of course except for this weekend.

Friday night I went to a cooking party at my neighbor's house where we made Mexican lasagna and cookies- none of which I could eat.  Buts that OK, because I went out to dinner with the fam first.  Awesome.

THEN- Saturday, one of my BFF's had her baby shower.  This is Jenn.

Say Hi Jenn.

Jenn and I are only three weeks apart.  How awesome is that?  We have known each other since the beginning of high school, I was her maid of honor, and she was in my wedding too.  And now, we are knocked up together.

And we are both having boys.  Jack belongs to her, while Elliott belongs to me.


Then I got to go have dinner with my mom.  We went to a restaurant that I worked at for YEEEEAAAAARRRRS as a waitress, and that was weird.  But whatever, my mom was there so I could have been eating snails for all I cared.  In the dirt, but with my mom.

Then Sunday, my mom drove out here to go to my cousin's baby shower.  I have no pictures from the shower, but I had so much fun.  The mom-to-be looks freaking ADORABLE and I had to restrain myself from force feeding her the whole time I was there.  She is too cute.  Best part was that my ENTIRE family was there, all the women at least, and I love it when my family gets together.  So much fun.

My mom came home with me and hung out with the boys, had dinner, I cut her hair, then she helped (made the entire thing) me with Tomas viking costume.

Cory was kind enough to watch the kids for me THE ENTIRE WEEKEND.  He is a brave soul.

Thanks honey.

So thats how we roll fool, us pregos.




Heather Nesbitt said...

You and Jenn are totally cute in those pics! Love 'em!!!!

With Love, Nicole said...

You DID have a full weekend, lil mama! You look cute as ever!!!!

musicjunkie said...

that was a busy weekend! And you look fabulous doing it too!

I had to supervise Wendell as he tilled the lawn, seeded it, and then covered it in hay.

Oh, and I also had the joy of smack talkin' all of the Laker haters =0)

gitz said...

you are so stinkin cute in those photos.

i swear my face looks bigger from steroids than yours does from pregnancy! of course, i get to skip pushing a nine pound baby out of me, so you still win :)

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm tired and NOT prego and you did WAY more than me this weekend!!!

Raging Dad said...

Alright! Rage on, babe, rage on!

Jen said...

We met in 8th grade love! I know it was like a hundred years ago. I'm so happy we've been able to share being pregnant together. This is the most amazing thing I've ever done and I'm grateful you keep answering all my questions (since you're the pro!) Had some much fun on Sat. Thank you so much for being there. Can't wait for Jack and Elliot to have their first play date!

Cara said...

I like that you could be eating smells in the dirt as long as you're with your mom:)
The cake mix with a can of pumpkin is so good! I like butterscotch a lot, so I mix yellow cake mix with a can to bake, and it's a little butterscotchy--it's some of the best cake, I think!