Monday, August 4, 2008

Camping Pictures

Please be kind to me, we were camping. I mean who really looks that good in the wild?!  I mean, come on, really?

There were lots of tall trees to stand under
And plenty of Danger Family Dance offs, most of which Oliver won
Waiting for Smores
Card games galore and the table of doom
Brothers! They had a lot of fun.

I have more pictures,  but it takes so long to put them up.  Blah! The camping part was way more fun!


Waddup G?

So this weekend was our camping extravaganza, and an extravaganza it was! It started out well, we left on time, and only lost one thing out of the back of the truck on the 5 (thats a record!). We knew we were good when we didn't pass the 91 east on ramp (also a record for Cory and I). Then, we arrived in Riverside (enough said already) to pick up our camper. We were told when picking the camper up that they would require a $500 deposit, cash or money order ONLY. Suspicious? I was. Immediately. But we were stuck. And it was HOT! The kids were hungry, thirsty, and ready to be camping already. So we packed them back up,found a bank, and bought a money order. WITH A VERIFIABLE RECEIPT. When we get back to the camper we were told of all 57,004 hidden fees we were now going to be charged. Fine. Whatever, please lets just go.

We went.

Friday was delightful! We got to our campsite and the boys actually helped set up. Tomas rode his bike for "recon" and Oliver tried to follow him around on his tricycle. We changed and went to the lake, which was beautiful (remember this) had dinner, smores, everything was fine. Bedtime was a breeze (thank you honey), for the baby at least.

Lets talk about the bed situation for a red hot minute. Or two sleepless nights, either way works.

There were two pop out beds. The larger one held a weight limit of precisely my husband's weight. So i'm out. The second pop out bed is so unsafe that the children can roll entirely OUT of the back of the camper if they move too far to the side. There was a third teeny tiny bed that was comprised out of two cushions, that absolutely no one would be able to sleep on. Unless you were a troll, and trolls are creepy anyway so who the hell would camp with trolls? The last bed was the bed that was a table. The table was broken so it would not stand up, and then when it was lying down it would not lay flat, so the whole bed was lop sided. So- Tomas slept in the dangerous bed with a giant wall of cushions and pillows to cut off the "cliff bed", Oliver slept in the lopsided table bed of doom, Cory slept in the large cozy yet incredibly noisy pop out bed. Everyone is good right? Oh wait, there are four people in this who's missing....odd.

That about sums up the camper of death. Oh that and the sink leaked (and by leaked I mean flooded EVERY SINGLE TIME), the fridge did not work, the screen had a hole in it (hello flies and critters), the pop out shade was in-op, I can go on and on. Needless to say, when we dropped it off on Sunday, the owners did not meet us at the lot with our deposit (the one that is TRACEABLE!) nor have they been answering our phone calls. This is gonna be great! I promise you- like I promised my dear dear patient husband, we will get that money back. Oh yes.

Anyway- saturday we ate and got ready for a day at the lake. Packed an ice chest, Cory spent a ton of money on new fun water toys and what nots cuz we couldn't get a boat, and we headed out.

Holy shit. When did Silverwood lake become the gansta' gansta' meeting grounds?! Let me assure you, I grew up in the ghetto. I get it, I am not squeamish or over-reactionary when it comes to this. I know gang culture; when to panic and when to not. This my fine friends, was nearing a panic situation.

I do not think it was coincidental that there were gigantic men with lots of prison ink swimming in blue trunks, that all "forgot" to remove the blue bandanas from around their neck. After one of their kids "accidentally" punched my oldest in the chest while "swimming" Cory and decided we needed to leave. Like now, like grab the kids and run and get the hell out of here now!

Which was fine because it was so effing face melting hot and there was no wind, and or shade anywhere. Oh, and the lake? Totally effing neon green with algae and filth. NEON. Hence all the neat little intestinal trouble causing friends that we all brought home. We were done. DONE.

But thats ok, because the rest of saturday was so much fun! Cory and the baby took a nap so Tomas and I went exploring. We found a bike trail, a nature hike, an ampitheater, and we just hung out together. Cory, Tomas and I played card games galore, and we even had a make shift session of Danger Family Dinner theater in the empty site next to us. We had a marshmallow face stuffing contest (Cory won with 9, and some puke) but Tomas came in close with 6 (no puke), and Oliver tried his hardest with two! So cute!

All in all, a good time was had by all. No one was hurt, no major sun burns, everyone came out ok and Cory and came home feeling all crunchy granola-y and Earthy, and like we were ok parents after all. (Take that nay sayers!) The funny thing was that the baby got hurt afterwards, at home! Go figure. But that's another post. Tomorrow?

We have pictures. They are at home, but I am not. I am at work. Getting paid for all my efforts. Blogging efforts that is!

I will post the pictures later!

Have a good day dearies!