Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WW: 18 weeks

I know, I know- WORDLESS Wednesday.  But whatever!
Big news today guys!  Bigger than me even.  Check back in later.


So I know I said I wasn't that kind of girl, but...

I totally am.

I did it.

And I don't feel nearly as dirty as I thought I would.

In fact, I kinda like it.

Calm down mom (hello? 3 kids ma!)

I joined Facebook (it's a social network mom.  Yes, a social network.  No- not like Bunco mom).

Now, to be honest, I was on Facebook for awhile a year or two ago.  But it was still pretty new, I couldn't figure it out, I was sick of my inbox being flooded with stupid requests, I was done with it.

So I closed the account, stuck with the Space, and forgot all about it.

Until everyone else started doin it.

So I caved, and I joined the masses.

So far, so good.  We will see.  I just need to turn off my email notifiers because oh my word I have never gotten as much email as I do now.  Geesh!  

So there ya have it.

I did it.  And I liked it.


P.s.- Carl's Jr. YOU SUCK and I am peeved at you.  But still too peeved to talk about it RATIONALLY so I am waiting to responsibly blog about it.  Quite unlike your mega-irresponsible ad campaign right now!