Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Penis or Vagina?


Alas my friends, I am and shall continue to be, the only female in the house.

The Danger Family will be gladly welcoming a THIRD boy, this august!

Here is a list of the reasons why having a THIRD boy in the house will surely rock-

1. I can just give up cleaning my house from here on out. I mean come on, why even bother anymore?

2.  I get to spit and scratch my crotch whenever I want from now on, because if I don't I will merely be the odd man out.

3.  We will not have to buy anything for this little guy, because somehow I knew this was coming and saved EVERYTHING.  So really, we are doing ourselves a favor.


5.  Period talk?  Nope.  Not gonna happen.

6.  In fact, no sex talk at all.  Helllllllllo Husband.  Although, I will admit- this frightens me a little.

7.  It is ok for boys to look like ragamuffins- they're boys!  So I don't have to worry about making them look cute, color coordinated, and well put together.

8.  I won't have to run nearly as fast when I hear screaming or "BLOOD" or "Moms coming!  RUN" because I will already know exactly what is going on.  They're boys.

9.  It will be considered acceptable when there are lizards, squirrels, dirt, sand, boogers, rusty trucks, and stray army men body parts loosely strewn around the house.

10.  We get to have another Bris, which is cool because everyone at Temple will cook for us. (I knew there was a reason we joined!)

So there ya have it.  Another boy.  And we are stoked!

(carrying yet another penis) J. Danger