Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Danger Family Vacation 08

The shots went fine, thanks to all who asked.  Well, no one asked thankyouverymuch. But still- they are a-ok.  Poor Tomas.  He has not been to the doctor in some time (knock on wood) so they decided to just make this a physical.  So the nurse hands him a gown and tells him to take off everything but his socks!  The look on his face...thats about as far as I need to go on that one.  Anyone else with kids nearing the pre-teen curse, err I mean age, understands exactly what went down in that room, and the parental torment that ensued at home.  Then, after the doctor visited down under, it was time to get stuck with a needle. Tomas didn't even know what hit him before it was over.  All in all, he did quite well. 
Oliver though, was Oliver. He was mega pissed, and as a result, he moved.  There was blood all over his pants and his leg, the nurse felt horrible, and I thought Oliver was going to just melt to the floor he was so distraught.
On an up note though, part of the whole "You're the Best Employee on the Planet Award" (see post below) was that I got a jar full of chocolate.  Yep, totally used it to bribe my kids into behaving well for the doctor.  I was that mom.
Both are bruised, but both are done.

Now, on to the weekend!  This weekend we are taking our annual Danger Family Vacation!  Woot-woot!  We are going camping!  So wish us luck.  

Don't tell anyone, but we are totally not roughing it.  We rented a huge trailer camper for the weekend.  Really, we didn't have a choice.  The baby sleep walks so bad, that I had horrible visions in my head involving lakes, bears, snakes, and twenty something year olds without morals or scruples for the weekend (and probably not clothes either).

We leave friday, so wish us luck!

Be well darlings!


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Brittany said...

I can't wait until I am brave enough to take the boys camping...but I too fear the bears and snakes.