Monday, August 11, 2008

Gone Baby, Gone...

Tomas left for camp yesterday.

I did not cry. In front of him at least...

It was very hard. Fortunately for me, it was even harder for Oliver. He was screaming bloody murder while Tomas left.

"Myyyyy busssssss, no cha cha bus, myyyyyyy busssssssssss, no cha cha bye bye bus!"

He was not pleased that his beloved Cha Cha was going anywhere without him.

So we took him to Nanny's, where she spoiled him rotten for the day. Merely to bring reprieve from Oliver missing Cha Cha of course. She took him to the (dreaded) toy store to get him his own dear dear bus. Too bad for Oliver, the bus did not contain his Cha Cha. He decided to keep it anyway.

Cory and I went to the movies. ALONE! It (required a TON of effort and way more time than deemed necessary) was so much fun. We saw "Tell No One", and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Much to my surprise, (oops) it was subtitled. I thought for sure that Cory was going to get up and demand that we leave, but he was a good sport. He even admitted to enjoying it also.

I took the GRE on Saturday. I did very well. But for those of you that know me, very well is not the same as "the best ever". So I am taking it again in a few weeks.

Maybe the studying will keep my mind off of camp...for a week...

(pictures to follow....I killed the camera...I think it might have been the salt from my gigantic emotional charged mom tears)

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