Friday, October 3, 2008

Because my sister-in-law called

Ok.  So I get it.  In the past week, I have had three different people ask me when I am going to put up all those pictures that I "promised".  Geesh- who knew people still take me at my word! 
So, because I am a lazy, insolent, bon-bon hoarding sloth, and I obviously have nothing else to do all day long, (but mostly because I love my family and love looking at my kiddos, which by default means that YOU must too) I am now officially posting all the damn pictures!

There was a girl over there by Goofy's house that he was just dying to impress.  I think it went well.

Disneyland was a surprise.  Don't you think he looks surprised?!

Oliver was not only surprised, but very very excited.

If ever there is another war (!) I would feel pretty safe with these men.

Ok boys-

What's with the rat faces?  Ahhhh masta Splinter.

Oliver was SO stoked on meeting Mickey that he almost cried.  He got to shake his hand, and he still tells EVERYONE he meets- "Mickey ah shaka' my handa".  He's so proud. (please excuse my gross face- it was SOOOOO hot, it melted off right before this picture! Convenient, I know.)
He was thiiiiiisssss close.
Never fails to stop the tears.  Thank you Mr. Carousel Inventor.  Thank you.

And there you have it.  Loads of Danger Family Fundays.

Mama Danger


Anonymous said...

Too precious for words, what a good looking group of men you have there :)

- Heather S.

Megkathleen said...

The pictures are too cute! You have an adorable family.

Rosie said...

Those photos are just wonderful of your family :)

Rosie x