Thursday, October 16, 2008

I told you so-

I am so proud of my girl!

Librarians and nerds alike unite!

I loved her from the start and I am so glad that she won.  Plus- she used sustainable fabric on more than 60% of her pieces, so she is a-ok in my book.  And she looks cute on a tandem bike with Tim Gunn. With a bell!

 Although, I must admit that try as I may, I cannot truly escape my 50's fashion roots.  I loved Kenley's final collection, and would have worn most anything in there (sans the horrible floral 80's poof sleeve dress, yuck!).  But, as much as I liked her clothes, homegirls a bitch.  And if she is this attitudey with this little fame, then imagine how worse it would get as her head span increases!  I mean, it takes a lot of work to make Tim Gunn turn on you!

So, thank god for Pushing Daisies and Netflix, because now there is nothing else on....

T.V., T.V. why have you forsaken me?



DCD said...

LOVE IT!! I was so psyched she won too. Although I agree about Kenley's collection - right down to that one dress. I admit I was nervous. I also thought Kourto's rocked, but girlfriend pulled it out in the end.

SO happy!

On a totally different note - thanks for stopping by! Sorry to hear you experience the night terrors thing too. Just the other day our Dr. told us to try waking him up about an hour after he falls asleep. Something about interrupting the sleep cycle...

Good luck!

stealthnerd said...

Oh I was SO happy that Leanne won! She was my fav and she totally deserved it! Of course, now my Wednesdays are a little empty. Well, until Top Chef comes back anyway!!