Friday, October 10, 2008

This Bitch is BROKE!

My dear friend Cassey, aka Mama Cass, is broke. But she is also smart, and she is sooooo dang talented! So- she made a halloween make-up video and entered into a contest over at so that she can win $500 for her adorable little kiddo, whom I dearly love, Cash.

So- go vote for her. Plus, here's the kicker, you don't have to feel bad for voting for her just because I told you to. Trust me, hers really is the best one up.

Here's a picture of what she did!  Oh yeah, and her....

So go vote- get to it!

Vote for Miss Cassey Cakes!

I promise Cash will all write you thank you cards!

Mama Danger


Megkathleen said...

It is quite impressive! I voted - I hope she wins!

Anonymous said...

thank you soooo much! i love you! and thanks to everyone who votes for me!!! i really had fun. cash kept asking 'mama, what did you do?!'. it was so funny. you guys alll rock!


Anonymous said...

p.s. i couldnt remember my pass word for your blog! so i had to be 'anonymous'... haha!


mama cass