Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween was (three days ago!) fun!

So, now that I have kept you in suspense all weekend (thank YOU very much computer!)
here are all of our Halloween pictures-

We were- literally- one out of only two groups trick or treating that night. It was dead, eerily dead.

Oliver would not let Phoenix out of his sight, or his hand.

Zombie pumpkin fun was had by all at the carving soiree.

Dark knight, a good witch, and the Hulk (the muscles in his shirt actually protruded so much that they pushed his mask off!)

Tired "tricky treaters" as Oliver said.

I just love it.

Hope your halloween was safe and fun!

Now go do your motherly duties by raiding all their candy bags and telling them you are doing them a favor by saving them from tooth decay!


1 comment:

Rosie said...

Love - love those pics of Halloween!! We didn't have one trick or treater knock on the door and here I was with a huge bag of sweets to give out.

Rosie x