Saturday, December 13, 2008

No soup for you-

First off- it is Cory's fault that I do not have any pictures of the Holiday Party for you.  I know.  I know.  

It was a nice party.  I do not know if my cookie won or not, I left earlier in the night and Cory said that they still had not voted by the time he left with his friends.  But in my mind, my cookie won.  It was crowned even, with spotlights from behind, center stage, and an orchestra playing my cookie off right stage.  

But, alas, I have no picture of my cookie.  So you will just have to take my word for it.  Which is cool, cuz you know, most people do anyway. 

So friends, the Danger family got their tree today.

It was so freaking cold today.  I know it never really gets cold in southern California.  But good lord it was cold.


And F.Y.I. that is MY Hello Kitty scarf that Oliver is wearing.  But he came totally unprepared.  Saved by mom.  AGAIN.

Tomas picked the winning tree.

Here are our stockings.  Please excuse the roller skates and pop up tent.  It is the kids playroom and all...

And here it is- the Danger Family Christmas tree 08.  Frankos came over for dinner and helped with the tree.  We always love having him.  Mostly because it is the only time we are all in the picture!  I kid, I kid.

I know- no pants.



Minimeltdown said...

The fact that Oliver is wearing no pants is the most fabulous part of this picture! The second most fabulous part is the skates and the pop up tent.

J.Danger said...

Hey Redhead- welcome to my home...

Anonymous said...

I am a firm believer in the fact the there is no time better then naked time for boys and men alike. Oliver is such a cutie, and look at those legs! I am loving Tom's Rudolph nose, super cool!

Heather S.

J.Danger said...

Heather- why can't we get naked time? Why is it always the boys??