Thursday, December 18, 2008


I am almost done.  I have finished all of my written finals, and most of my papers.  I have one more paper due tomorrow, and then I am finished with this semester!  I do not have a T.A appointment this inter-term, but I was asked to speak for two classes over break, which I am so excited for!  Dickens and G.K. Chesterton- so awesome!  And, I will hopefully be able to finish up my two online classes!  I can practically smell my degree now!

When I return in January, I have a full full full load of classes, but I am looking forward to the break with the kids and my sister-in-law.  Cory and I are getting ready to celebrate our anniversary and we get to get the heck outta dodge for a red hot minute so we are both very excited!

I hope everyone is doing well, and gearing up for the holidays!  Hanukkah starts for us on Sunday, and this year Christmas and Hanukkah overlap again- so we are full of cheer, presents, and FOOD!

Happy Holidays!



Minimeltdown said...

J, I remember that feeling of almost being done...close enough to smell it. It's fabulous. And just wait until you are done! That wonderful feeling of "What paper am I supposed to be...oh wait, nothing!" still brings me great joy. That's one big con about me going back to school. Happy holidays to the J. Danger clan!

Gloria said...

Love your Blog, I think is dangerous, (have a family) I laugh with you. Happy Hanukkah, so this year we celebrate all together now, I think is nice!!! xxxGloria

Eva said...

Yay for you!!!

J.Danger said...

Redhead- I can see the finish line. Happy Holidays to you guys too! Geesh I hope it is not ridiculously cold for you all right now. Wait- I think I hear you laughing.

Gloria- thanks! You are so kind. I love all your recipes! So good.

Eva- thanks. I hope school is going well for you too.