Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Waving, but drowning

So just a quick breath of air.

I have so much to tell you guys!  Mother's day stories, Oliver's birthday party, lots and lots.

Oh...and a second blog..... YEP!

And a giveaway...... YEP!

But first- I have finals.  This week and next.

Today is my hardest one of them roughly two hours.  I feel good.

I need to keep this up- remember?!

So that is where I will be. For now.  But I will be back.

Keeping my eyes on the prize-

p.s.- oh ya- there will be cookies too! Delicious delicious cookies.  So come back!  Wait for me...


Paula Simpson said...

Anxiously waiting! GL on ur finals.

Anonymous said...

oh, stevie smith!!!! how i miss your insane poetry and novel on high-lighter yellow paper. lol. you just took me back to senior seminar in college. :)

gitz said...

A second blog? Good God, woman... are you super human? I barely have enough to say for one!!!

:) Good luck on the tests...

Minimeltdown said...

You're worth it! Now good luck.

Cristine said...

Good luck on finals! :)

And, we don't know exactly how many days until hubby is home, but we are definately counting in days, not weeks! :)

♥Rosie♥ said...

Wishing you good luck for the finals. Another blog hey can't wait.

Rosie x

Gentle Reader said...

Good luck on your finals! Woohoo!

Raging Dad said...

The final stretch. You are in the zone. Hang tough!