Saturday, November 28, 2009

Floridian Foot Funk....oh, and Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving All!

We went to Florida again this year. It went remarkably smooth. The children enjoyed themselves, the family enjoyed themselves, everyone had a great time!

Except you'd never know it.

Because, can you believe it- I never packed my camera?!

What's that? You CAN believe it?

Ya, I know...I don't blame you.

This was the first time that I have made this family trip and not had to schlep around all my school work. I brought not one ounce of work with me! Well, that is not true. I needed to finish an article that I was freelancing, which I did, but other than that- zip, zero, zilch. Nada.

It was remarkable!

No one was sun burnt, no one threw up, no one was kicked out of any public places, no one broke anything....I mean really- I am still waiting for something terrible to happen. Just because that's how it works.

#2 got to bring home a super cool metal Thomas the Train bucket and shovel set. #3 got to bring home a sweet upset stomach. And #1? Well, he went all out and brought home a raging bacterial infection in his coral pocked foot.

I'd show you how cool it looks, except, well....I don't have my camera.


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Anonymous said...

Poor Tom!! I heard coral hurts like a mo-fo!

Heather to the S.