Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to school, back to school...

So I am back- kind of.  I am still soooo out of it.  I can't take my pain killers at school (who made THAT rule up?!) so I load up on them once I get home.

Today was my first official day back in school!  I am so excited.  Oh yea- here is my disclaimer- I am going to totally geek out here for a minute.  Sorry folks.

Yesterday I met with my department head at school.  During our meeting he suggested that I start an Honors Reading Group.  Me!  He wants me to do it!  Totally rad.  So I am going to do it and it is going to be the raddest reading group ever.  Better than yours at least!  I am going to base it on the female post colonial identity.  You can ask me about it someday.  You know you want to.

Also, I was given a lead for a research assistant gig through a top notch professor that is studying at Cambridge right now.  She is working on a project that deals with 19th century Brit Lit and Gender studies (a.k.a EXACTLY what I want to study in Grad school).  Well, guess who got the position?

That's right folks!

So yes, it is a ton of work and I will be the first to admit that it is absolutely insane of me to take on these two huge jobs on top of all the classes I am enrolled in.  Oh yeah, and the family and all...but what can you do?  And it makes me happy.  And it will get me paid in Grad school.  Hell, it will get me IN Grad school. Period. 

Side note- I looked like a moron all day today.  My jaw is still really swollen and bruised from the horrible root canal that caused this huge bout of TMJ.  Plus, I am pretty sure that no one could understand me and were just agreeing with me to humor me.

Oh well.  I got what I needed! 

Tomas goes back to school next week.  The fifth grade!  Holy Cow!  And in roughly two weeks he will be ten years old.  I can't believe it.

Here's what else I can't believe- how incredibly obnoxious pre-teens are!  

Here is another disclaimer- I LOVE my kids, and I LOVE Tomas.  That said- what the hell is wrong with pre-teens?!  No son, you can't have a cell phone.  No son, you can't have your own private unmonitored email address.  No, you can't say crap.  I don't care how many of your friends have one/use one/say it/ stole it/are hiding it from their parents.

And while we are at it- what is with all the questions?!  What I am doing you ask?  ADULT STUFF.

What's that?  What am I eating?  WHATEVER I WANT.  I'M AN ADULT.

What's that you say?  Oh you already knew that?  Oh that's right, you know everything.  Already.  By ten years old.  I totally forgot.


How do you survive this?  If this is any precursor to teens, I am so screwed.



Anonymous said...

I want to be part of your book group! It sounds interesting. Too bad in business school we don't have book groups. Although, any books we would have to read would be boring as hell.

J.Danger said...

Megkathleen- I will send you the reading list to covet. Fake it till you make it sweets!

Bellini Valli said...

Congrats on all the jobs...looks like you will be one busy woman!!!!!!!!!!!As far as surviving the teenage years I have only one suggestion...well maybe two...keep communication open and LISTEN to what they are saying.

J.Danger said...

Bellini- thank you. This is gonna be rough!

Gentle Reader said...

Dealing with the pre-teen thing at my house, too--my eldest son is 12, just started 7th grade. Yikes! I'm very, very nervous...

Also, congrats on the way cool bookish jobs :)

LiteralDan said...

If no one can understand you, you should just pull a Kenny and mumble a bunch of filthy things at them and watch them smile and nod.

It's the small pleasures that make life worthwhile.

Lesley said...

I am really wanting to go back to school. I actually miss it sometimes!

By the way, regarding Carl's RIP Challenge - yes, anyone can join! You can click on the link in my post about it and sign up. It's a great challenge.

Congrats on getting your own reading group!

J.Danger said...

Gentle Reader- You make me feel hopeful. And scared.

Dan- I think I did that inadvertently! The cool thing about it is that I can totally curse them and they have no idea!

Lesley- thank you! You should totally go back. Nows the time! There is a reason that you miss it.

Rosie said...

Oh my sounds like you're goig to be busy - busy!!

Rosie x