Thursday, August 28, 2008

My son fell in love with a man today.

A man with a guitar.  A folk singer with a guitar.  He is still swooning from it.
The day care that the boys attend threw a friends and family festival tonight and it was actually super cool.  They had hot dogs (turkey) and all kinds of food.  There was a bounce
house, and each room was responsible for their own game.  Tomas' room planned "bobbing for apples"-
Can you imagine the various combinations of child slobber in there?!
Whatever, Tom was stoked-

Oliver's room planned a ring toss of sorts-

He's like totally going pro-

It was fun, the boys had a lot of fun, and Oliver fell in love with the folk singer.

For a brief two hours, it made me forget that my husband is far far away from me....

Maybe the folk singer is free-

No, I couldn't do that to Oliver.  But I bet he hates Florida right now too. 


Orlando Danger said...

I wish I was there! It looks like the boys had fun. See you Sunday honey!

Emiline said...

Sounds like fun for the kids.

Turkey hot dogs, huh? I've never had a turkey dog.

LiteralDan said...

Yeah, I believe the bucket started out having only apples in it...

Rosie said...

It all sounded such fun and great to hear the boys had a great time :)

Rosie x