Friday, August 29, 2008

Free stuff on Fridays Fools!

Today, because it is Friday, and I need to find something to continually distract you all from the fact that I never really blog on weekends, I am hosting another give away!

This week I am giving away the cutest. shirt. EVER!

This is a shirt that was made by a local artist out here named Jamie Agius.  She is totally low key and super hip!  I kinda dig her.

In fact, she is so low key that she doesn't even have a website!  You can email her to get one of your own at

Even her email is cool!

Here is the shirt that I am giving away, hopefully to YOU, this weekend.  

It has a hand stitched patch on it, with this awesome print of a sugar skull.

It is so cute!

It is a size 4 American Apparel long sleeve black shirt.

So- now that you are drooling with delight, and chomping at the bit for this shirt, here's what you need to do to try to get it.

In my comment section, I want you to tell me what your favorite home cookin' style meal was, or still is for that matter.  What did your mom cook you that you still crave every once and a while?  What do you wish you knew how to make but never asked mom for the recipe for?

You tell me...and I dress your kids....



Heather Nesbitt said...

Free shirt in Samuel's size huh? Maybe I'll luck out and no one else will post.

Hmmm, fav home style meal... shephards pie, and I bet you have an awesome recipe for me too Mrs Dangerous! I'll take it!

love you my dear!

Mrs. P Martinez said...

Hey Jessica, I found your blog! You are an amazing writer. :o)

My favorite homestyle meal was Carne Asada and cilantro potatoes. I make the potatoes, but as simple as they are to make, my mother made them thee best. I can almost smell the aroma coming from the kitchen...

I suppose it can be something else considering she's thousands of miles away. LOL.

Rosie said...

My favourite homestyle meal is pure comfort food... Cottage Pie with cheese melting and ozzing on the fluffy creamy mashed potatoes covering the meat. Nothing can beat good home cooking!

Rosie x

J.Danger said...

Heather- I will gladly share my recipe wisdom with you!

Mrs. P- thanks!

Rosie- I just drooled all over Joon...