Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No lady- excuse YOU!

Tomas and I had to go to the grocery store this afternoon. Whats that you say- I thought that you went yesterday?  Oh yes, I did go yesterday and yet somehow I still had to go again today. The shopping center that houses our grocery store has been under (pain in my ass) construction for(EVER) quite some time now.  Needless to say, you have to be careful with the wee ones.

Tomas and I are waiting to cross the parking lot, into the grocery store.  There is also a group of firemen waiting on the other side.  I wait for two cars to finish driving through, and then the coast is clear.  Tomas and I take three- tops- steps into the street when this lady -with two kids in the car I might add thank you very much! - totally zooms in front of us.  I yank on Tom's arm, practically pull him to the ground and glare at her while she pretends to not even notice us.  As if!

So whatever, we make it.  We go to get a cart, and I realize that I have left my list ( I just love me some lists!) in the car.  I leave Tom there with the cart, as I can see him the whole time, and I got back to my car for the list.  When I get back to the sidewalk, guess who I see.  That's right.  So I walk up to Tomas, I grab that cart, and I get right in front of her and her two children.

And I stop.  Dead in my tracks.  And I make her wait.  And she has the nerve to say to me "Well, excuuuuuuse you."

Now, recently I have been working on NOT being a total hermit, so I go out of the house when my dear husband makes me.  I have also been working on NOT being a crabby ole' hag at the ripe old age of 28.  So I did what my husband tells me to do when I feel my good ole' redhead temperament rearing its angry head- which was say nothing.

So I said nothing.  But I also did not budge one god damn inch.  NOT ONE.  I blocked that entire door frame.  She eventually gave up getting in through this door, and after I glared at her for at least a full minute, she turned to walk away.  

Now, I wouldn't want her to think that I was rude or anything, so I very loudly said to the fire men who are now laughing (handsomely) on the sidewalk -"Oh my.  I must have cut her and her children off.  How terribly irresponsible of me".

She got the point, and I didn't have to raise my voice or anything. 

What do you think of THAT Mr. Danger?



Mr. Danger said...

Good job honey! save the shouting matches for home :)

Love you!

musicjunkie said...

HAHAHA! THAT was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love love love it!

I can totally picture the whole scene. Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Anon is Heather S. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh,,,such restraint. Warn that hubby to not let the Irish volcano simmer too long. She should have gotten the ole Irish boot....