Sunday, February 28, 2010

Giveaway! War of Words by Simon Read

Several months back I won War of Words, by Simon Read on a Twitter giveaway with the fabulous Union Square Press. From the website-

"War of Words tells the shocking story of the birth of the San Francisco Chronicle, a paper founded in a time when the news business was literally a matter of life and death.

In San Francisco of the Old West, bad news was considered the best news and the term “circulation war” was literal. In this midst, Charles de Young—co founder of the San Francisco Chronicle—launched his fledgling paper in 1865. With a nose for news and an ear for gossip, he promoted politicians he favored and lambasted those he scorned. His weapon of choice for ridding San Francisco of corruption was not sword or pistol, but pen.

De Young’s verbal venom targeted Isaac Kalloch, a golden-tongued preacher with a tainted past. Kalloch’s run for mayor infuriated de Young. Insults volleyed back and forth until the verbal blows erupted into explosive violence on the streets of San Francisco.

Using newspaper accounts, diaries, and letters, Simon Read reaches back in time to reconstruct a news story that captivated the nation, granting modern newshounds in-the-moment access to the shocking events that led to the start of one of America’s greatest newspapers."

You all know that I am a huge fan of historical fiction, and this one was an excellent read! At times it was heavy on the historical narration, but then it would swing right back to reading like a dramatic modern day soap opera. Anyone interested in history of journalism, San Fransisco, or just stories about crazy ole' times will surely enjoy this book!

Rather than host a giveaway, I am trying something new. FIRST PERSON TO TELL ME THEY WANT IT, GETS IT. Just leave me a comment below, and it's all yours.



musicjunkie said...

I WANT IT!!! I'll even "pay it forward" when I'm done with it!


J.Danger said...

good game Ana!