Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was pretty dang awesome!

Tomas came home on Saturday, safe and sound! But man, was he stinky! He was so filthy- I swear to you that his clothes were stiff. Ewwww gross. Man, when is Mr. Danger gonna give me some of them baby girl Dangers?!

This week we were able to spend some time with Nealy before she went back to New York, and it was a ton of fun for Oliver. We took him to peruse the Spectrum, and by peruse I mean run around screaming and dancing like a maniac. Nanny bought him a new Cars hat- which he has refused to take off since then- as well as a new Molly Train- which he has refused to let go of since. Update- we are thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss close to nailing the alphabet. I'm trying...i'm trying reallllllll hard.

Yesterday we took the boy-os to the Natural History Museum to see the "live" Dinosaurs. Here is how it went down-

The baby Triceratops walks in....

Oliver runs the hell out screaming bloody murder with nanny. Poor Nanny cruises the Ornithological society section with the baby. For an hour!

Tomas is doing his thing, watching the triceratops, when he starts jiggling...and he's crossing his legs at the ankles...still bouncing....finally holding himself and grimacing.

Me- Tomas do you have to go to the restroom?

Tomas- Yea, but I dont want to miss the T-Rex.

Me- We can run to the bathroom and get back in time to be here for Thomas the T-Rex.

Right about here is where you can go ahead and insert a mental image of a grown (eh, kinda) woman running through a museum with her oldest son who is holding himself and trying to run at the same time. It should also be noted that we ran right past a bathroom, and totally missed it. We looked... like morons people.

We run back, we get cozy, the triceratops is still there. We're totally good.

Tomas- Mom, can we go? This is pretty boring.

What?! What the hell Tomas?! This is the ONLY reason we drove all the way out to L.A. was to see the T-Rex. And it's BORING?! Jesus!

At least we got to revisit USC. We gently reminded Tomas (7 times) that if he wants to be a dentist this is where he will be going to school (like he would even want to go out of state, away from his dear mother!) keep those grades up...look how pretty it is...oh, I mean manly and handsome...

(internal- and damn expensive!)

But dentists make a ton of money right?

And isn't there that dental law that says you have to always take care of and/or financially and emotionally support your mother once you are huge and successful?

Yea, I am pretty sure it's in the fine print.

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Anonymous Danger said...

what no pics? this blog is starting to rely on my imagination a bit to much!