Monday, December 8, 2008

In light of "holiday cheer"

Today, Emily did this on her blog. 
Not only does she make me hungry like, every freaking day, but she's pretty funny.  You should start reading her blog.  Then go ahead and make her recipes,  but just don't do it as well as I think I can.  That makes me feel remarkably inadequate.  Thanks!
I thought it looked like fun!  You all know I like to "acquire" ideas from others, so I thought....hmm... I can do that!  She said I can too, so here goes!

100 things that I love-
(in no particular order! So NO complaining!) husband 2. my children mom friends 5. books 6. school 7. cooking 8. cupcakes 9. yogurtland 10. Tall Mouse craft stores 11. cookbooks! 12. garage sales 13. clearance racks 14. Target 15. Nordstroms 16. coffee 17. cashmere socks 18. wearing no shoes 19. being in my pajamas for as long as possible 20. weekends 21. date nights 22. "practicing" 23. road trips! 24. diet coke 25. natural mothering 26. pecan pie 27. pumpkin pie 28. Charles Dickens 29. grocery shopping for new recipes 30. hosting parties 31. Pushing Daisies 32. Project Runway 33. Historical Fiction 34. William Stafford 35. Billy Collins 36. John Irving 37. libraries 38. rainy days 39. Paula Deen 40. Quilts 41. Crocheted blankets from my mom 42. old photos 43. Amelie 44. Gone with the Wind 45. cheeseburgers 46. BBQ 47. good heels 48. 49. Ebay 50. mentos 51. m&ms 52. presents from Cory 52. Blues 53. margherita pizza 54. my piano 55. NPR 56. samples at Costco 57. writing out cards 58. Charlotte Bronte 59. chile verde 60. holidays 61. new babies 62. pregnant women (the nice ones) 63. flats 64. real coffee shops 65. Etsy 66. the deli 67. going to my mother in laws for dinner 68. Danger Family FUNdays 69. G.K. Chesterton 70. Tattoos 71. Real cities 72. other people's gardens 73. getting my hair done 74. writing 75. bikes 76. Jane Austen 77. George MacDonald 78. plants in a house 79. sustainable thinking 80. Google 81. Italian food 82. good mexican food 83. Reading with the kids 84. teaching the boys at home 85. being an interfaith family 86. going to the movies 87. being in bed 88. real life crime shows/books 89. biographies 90. food network 91. hot rods with loud exhaust 92. twitter 93. having great neighbors 94. having a home. period. 95. baking 96. giving gifts 97. weddings 98. Rolling Stones 99. going for walks 100. history channel
She was right- that was way easy.  I guess it is good to have so much that I love!
You should try it.  What do you love?
p.s. I better be on that list....or else....
p.s. squared- don't forget about the giveaway! 


Bellini Valli said...

I used to make a top 100 at the end of every eyar...don't know why I stopped but it was nice to read more about you. These are fun!!

Stephanie said...

Reading your top 100 got me thinking of my own. Thanks for sharing this!

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

Wow! I'm impressed! My brain is so fried that I don't think I could even count to 100. I enjoyed reading your list, though. Thanks for sharing it.

Emily said...

Sorry I'm late on this! I suck at commenting. At least I'm aware of this problem.

I like your list! I'm glad you played along. I don't think anyone else did.

Pregnant women caught my eye. That's hilarious. I find that I always stare at the belly of a pregnant woman, mesmerized.